Second Residency
Glenn Loughran

September 2019

Glenn is an Artist and Lecturer at the Dublin School of Creative Arts (TU Dublin). He is the course coordinator of the B.A in Visual Art on Sherkin Island (B.A.V.A) and head of Artistic Research at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM). Exhibiting nationally and Internationally, his work has developed hybrid forms of artistic research at the intersection between artistic intervention, pedagogical process and evental philosophy.
Glenn’s residency aims to explore the impact of contributory work amongst the service user community of Usher’s Island. Contributory work is defined by labour processes which merge individual production and social contribution to form collective knowledge production and learning processes. Glenn's residency project will explore the co-production of meaning inherent in contributory processes and its impact on participants and society. Participant engagement will occur through expanded modes of artistic education and practice which will focus on the use of materials in response to context, process and participation.