Third Residency
Jonathan Cummins

December 2019

Jonathan's work, made for gallery and screen, is approached as a process of enquiry and engagement and addresses themes including ideological belief, political violence, listening and the challenges of representation, most notably through the inter-connecting film installations When I Leave These Landings (2004–2009), Go Home (2010–2013) and Out the Road (2012–2016). His work has been exhibited widely, both nationally and across Europe. He occasionally curates, including Andrei Molodkin (2018), Katrina Palmer (2016), Santiago Sierra (2013), Phil Collins (2012), John Gerrard (2011) and Eija-Liisa Ahtila (2009). Jonathan graduated with an MFA from UCLA and teaches with Belfast Art School. He is currently completing a PhD with the Centre for Socially Engaged Practice Based Research, DIT.
Jonathan's initial residency plan is to work with service users to explore cultural institutions around Dublin 8. Drawing on their lived experience of the hospital as an institutional setting, he intends to explore service users' perspectives of national collections. Jonathan's goal is to bring new insights around our collective identities and alternative readings of our national collections.